Job description : Biomedical Engineer

5:12 AM
When I first declared that I have chosen my field as "Biomedical Engineering", many were shocked or rather taken back. And quick came the reply - You ? Why ? Why not this and why not that ? And yeah, I was expecting that. Coz, in India, Biomedical is not a popular field, or rather its considered something on the same line as medicine and many (including me) consider it 'not a next step' after doing a UG course in Engineering, until i did a search on the various aspects of it before diving into it. Yeah ! its a bit obfuscating but they were always a part of my reveries. So what is the job of a biomedical engineer ? Here's a video that just gives an overview of it.

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A cool simulation tool..

3:11 AM
There were times when i was skeptical about going to the US for studies.. I always believed that the education standards in India were on always on par with many institutions there. But time and again, I am being proved wrong by something or the other. Be it their innovation in teaching things and making the students understand it practically or be it coming up with something like the one here..

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