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With so much of excitement I'm beginning to write this post. Reason being I found this amazing piece of software from the Apple website. Its actually the Magic Jungle's Fluid Tunes. It can be operated by just gesturing your hands in the air. (i.e) you don't need a keyboard or a mouse to give your input to the computer. It recognizes your gestures and it takes the input and the controls are activated accordingly. Stunning ! Isn't it.. Its more like a sci-fi movie - say the likes of Minority Report. Though it comes as a separate s/w that works on top of iTunes, it would be highly appreciated if it came as an addon for iTunes itself.

It stumps me to even think how people go about implementing things which were once just on a paper that would most likely end up in trash following a sarcastic laughter. It does work pretty well, given that you need to spend a little time fixing your position and taking care that your other body parts don't interfere with the controls triggering false inputs (highly likely).

But there is no reason to be disheartened. As this is just the beginning, I hope it doesn't stop here and this will definitely be one software that is going to see exponential downloads in the near future. It might not be the s/w you need, but its definitely something that you might want to try your hand at. I guess it works only on Mac (ha !). Requires itunes. Check it out !
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