25 years of research on tendons and ligaments

This is the video of the presentation that I prepared for one of my classes. Its basically a review paper that talks about the 25 years of research on tendons and ligaments. The copyrights of this journal paper rests with the authors I have mentioned in the introduction. All I did was this presentation and hold no ownership for the content you are about to see. Feel free to pause it, if you feel that its a little too fast.

Here's some introduction for people who don't know what tendons and ligaments are. Tendons are the tissues that connects bone to muscle. For eg, the patella tendon connects your knee cap to the tibia (the bone below your knee). And ligaments are something that connects two different bones. (eg) ACL - anterior cruciate ligament. You must have heard about it - Athletes often get their ACL injured, especially cricket and tennis players. Its a ligament in the knee.

This video basically summarizes whatever major and recurrent research that has been done in the past 25 years in tendons and ligaments. Sit back and enjoy.


dude.. if its a video, i expect some sound.. u could have recorded u speak or something instead of just putting the ppt..

well.. tht was a little tricky.. i tried that.. but then it recorded properly but when the video was uploaded there was a time lag between the speech and the slides.. so gave up ! may be next time.


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