A Box and a Square

The Box that I'm referring here is the DropBox.

Its a tool that enables a sync between different computers. And why is that necessary for you? Well, if I'm not wrong, many of us use multiple computers, PDAs and there are different documents, folders that we manage all the time. For example, if there is an important document that we are working on, to be presented tomorrow in our office. We finish it, save it and even make a copy on our pen-drive to take it to our office. But, in the hurry of going to the office, we forget to take the pen-drive to the office and have to end up making excuses. Thats where Dropbox comes in handy. It creates a folder in your computer(s), where you can save the files. As soon as the files are saved, it is automatically synced across the different computers that are linked to your account. If you had linked your office computer to ur dropbox account, the file is already there before even you reach your office. Not necessary to email stuffs back and forth. Or even better, the file is stored online in the dropbox website as well. So that you can download the file on the go. And you get 2GB of free space. Another advantage is that when you can't send huge attachments through email to your boss/advisor, Dropbox comes in handy. Just put the files into the DropBox's public folder and it creates a public link, which you can email to the recipients. Sounds cool eh? Try it.

The next thing is the Square. Its a technology that I heard a few months back. It was a time when I didn't have an iPhone and didn't pay much attention to it. But, it doesn't mean I wasn't impressed with their technology. Who could have imagined that we can use the audio jack for other inputs? Certainly I didn't.

It consists of a small device plugged into the audio jack of the mobile device (works on Android as well). This device reads the magnetic strip of the card to process payments. If you are someone living with a roommate and if you settle bills/accounts periodically, then, this one is for you. Even otherwise, if you are someone who buys or sells stuffs through craigslist, this one works like charm. Just swipe in the card and the money is transferred to your bank account. Very simple to setup, or so it seems. I'm yet to try this out, but I've just got the app (Square) from the itunes store. They say that the device would be shipped shortly. The device is free and it ships free. No monthly fees and no contracts. They do, however charge 2.75% for every transaction, which is the only downside. In the meantime, here is a short video of how it works.


I have been on dropbox for a while now. It makes moving data so convinient. I also get away without making multiple copies of important documents like proposals and drafts.

The square is truly amazing. Makes me wonder if at all innovation will ever see a plateau.

Cool man.. And yeah Dropbox has been pretty useful for me as well..
Completely agree with u.. These innovations stump me every time.


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