Research poster ~ Biomechanics

1:35 PM
Warning: Before you click on the picture or take a closer look, I have to warn you that it is very graphic (No! I'm not talking abt the charts) since the study involves cadaveric specimens. Please leave the page if you are very sensitive.

I've never designed a research poster in my life.. But there's always a start right? I had a chance to showcase my research work at a conference. Here's the poster that I prepared for the CUGSR conference that was held in my University. Click here to download the poster. Or you can click on the image itself for a bigger view. Clicking again would zoom the image. (I hope its readable)

UPDATE : I won the Award for the BEST RESEARCH POSTER, for the above poster at CUGSR Conference.

I'd like to thank Archana S, Dr John Elias, Dr Marcus, Laura Gump who were extremely helpful in carrying out this research work.

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