Itunes 8 Visualisations

When the audio players are concerned, I guess Itunes have revolutionized the entire interface experience, something that WMP has failed to do in its 12 versions so far. A glaring thing that i had noticed about itunes was its visualizations in itunes 7 and previous versions.. It didn't quite match the style and quality of Apple. Whereas these ones have not only catchy to the eyes, they would be best suited in Disco party or dance fests conducted in places where they don't have proper DJs or lightings but yet they can still get that experience.

If only Apple could get itunes to play movies of .avi and .mov formats, it would even more boost the publicity of Apple among movie-mongrels like me :)

These Visualizations were taken from Itunes 8 (Windows version).

And the visualizations below were taken from a Mac..


Those screenshots are really nice. Even i like i Tunes visualization more than other players.

I second you totally da :)


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