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I hope you are reading this from a Firefox browser. If you are still using IE, its really a good time to download Firefox 3.0. Though Google Chrome is out there now, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best out there. As far as speed is concerned, Safari tops it all, but also it consumes a little more memory than Firefox. Hence Firefox still rules the browsing world. What makes it rule the world comprehensively for the past few years ?? Speed, less memory consumption, reliability, history, open-source and of-course the addons. From just decoration to everyday tools, there are addons for everything. I'm just giving the 10 killer addons out there, right here.

1) Twitterfox

Twitterfox is an addon that allows you receive tweets from your friends and you can also post new tweets or reply to the tweets of your friends. Very useful if you are having a twitter account. As shown in the figure, it appears as a small icon in the status bar. Get this addon here.

2. 1-Click Weather

This addon gives you the current temperature and forecast for the locality you choose to monitor. Hovering the mouse over it shows the radar of your locality and clicking it takes you to the weather page where you can see the forecast. Very necessary if you are living in a place where weather changes frequently. Get this addon here.

3. Cooliris

Cooliris instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen 3D experience for viewing images across the web. Makes browsing through pictures a wonderful experience. The interactive 3D Wall and built-in search function, lets you effortlessly drag, click, zoom, and zip your way around a wall of pictures for an amazing viewing experience. Get it here.

4. All-in-one Gestures

This extension allows you to execute common commands using mouse gestures, rocker navigation, scroll wheel navigation and page. Moreover it allows you to customize the gestures so that you can create gestures for your frequently performed actions. Its very simple. You need not depend on keyboard shortcuts/toolbars if you know how to work your way through this addon. Get this here.

5. Foxytunes

Are you the one who listens to music while browsing ? In that case, controlling the music player, shuffling songs can be very tiresome. Minimizing your browser is no longer necessary. FoxyTunes lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser. It works on all music players out there. Just the one you were searching for. Get it here.

6. CTRL-Tab

This addon gives you a preview of the webpage if you press CTRL+Tab. With CTRL key pressed, press tab again to toggle thru the different tabs to see the content of different tabs.. This is particularly useful if you are working with multiple tabs and you don't need you to go thru each of the tab to see its content. Very useful addon. Get it here.

7. Inquisitor

This addon speeds up your search like no other. Just as you are typing the word, it starts giving you options, including some related web pages that you might have recently visited. It also gives a count of the number of visits you have made to that particular webpage in the recent times. Advantage being, you need not wait for the search query to appear on google, but click it right away if the page you are looking for appears even before u click search. Get this addon here.

8. Speed Dial

This addon gives a direct access to the pages that you visit the most. Setting this as the home page and also configuring the pages according to the numbers you want, gives you fingertip access to your favorite sites. Setting this as the homepage works great. Get this addon here.

9. infoRSS

InfoRSS displays RSS, Atom, parsed HTML and NNTP feed in a scrolling area in the status bar. Compatible with podcasting RSS which can be downloaded directly. It's also a good Gmail notifier. Very useful if you are someone who reads a lots of blogs/feeds. Get this addon here.

10. ACE Safari Foxdie Theme

If you are someone who likes the style of Safari but use Firefox, then no worries. This theme matches the style of Safari and gives you a feel like you are browsing a Safari browser. Clearly, firefox doesn't have the professional look like Safari. So this one matches it up in style and 'professionality'. Get this addon here.

Thats about it folks. Doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have all these addons. You can probably install some of these addons and see how it works. It has definitely improvised my browsing experience. Hope it does so for you as well.. Adios.

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