Apple iPhone 4 cases - A Review

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The iphone 4's have been a revelation in the mobile phone business. Despite coming with inherent flaws (read antenna design), Apple has held its stand that it is not a design issue. And customers haven't bothered much either. Reason being, casing the iphone solves the issue. That being said, the bumpers provided by Apple only covers the antenna. That offers no protection to the device, which has glass on both front and back. So I wanted to take a look at the different cases available in the market and review them here - so as to help a few people make a quick buying decision.

1.Sonic Snap Slim Case

The Sonic Snap Slim Case for the iphone 4 comes with 2 screen protectors. One of them is for Anti-glare and the other one is Clear. Providing a rubberized grip, its best to hold and doesn't slip much. Nearly all customers have been happy with this product but some have expressed concerns over the screen protectors, which might bubble your display if not installed properly.

2. Gumdrop Cases Motoskin

This rugged looking case is the best IMO, if you are someone who is susceptible to dropping ur phone. The silicone is a soft, thick silicone which offers more protection. The downside is that it might collect dust, as expressed by some customers. Nevertheless, if you don't mind wiping the dust off every once in a while, this one's for u. It also comes in Gray and Blue colors.

3. Empire New Skin Case for iPhone 4
Though the title in Amazon might say that it to be silicone protector. Its not. Its actually made from a Thermolastic Polyurethane material, which becomes clear after reading its description. Its one of the cases that was released really early along with the iphones and the users have not been much disappointed. The only downside that the users have is that its edges are a little sharp and hence it might be difficult for holding. But it offers good protection nonetheless.

4. Incipio dermaSHOT case for iphone 4
This is one of the best cases I've seen for iphone 4. The design is elegant and it offers superior protection and casing for the iphone. The silicone is about 2 mm thick and hence it will offer good protection. It isn't much bulkier either. The only downside being it will collect lint, as with any other silicone case. If you are into silicone cases, then this one for u.

5. Leather case for iphone 4
There are several leather cases available for the iphone 4s. Check them out if you are a fan of leather cases.

6. iFrog cases

There are several iFrog cases for the iphone 4. But they are still not available in Amazon. But if you have an AT&T account, you can purchase it from them. They are selling a bunch of those cases online. Or even otherwise if you drop into an AT&T store, you can get one i believe. I'm not a fan of their cases and hence I haven't reviewed them.

7. Incase.

As of July 10, 2010, incase haven't come out with cases for the iphone 4. I'm hoping they come out with something by next week atleast. I'm a big fan of their slider cases, but they are a little slow in delivering the iphone cases this time. I sincerely hope they don't disappoint.

Thats about it folks from my side. Hope you all have a good buying experience.
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